A cheerful Cadiz flat with an Indian flavor

A very special corner On a table in Meridiana, a pair of Chinese wreaths of ceremony and lamp whose foot is a candelabra from Vietnam. On the wall hangs a carving in the shape of an elephant's head, acquired in India. The pleasure of the terrace It has been decorated to enjoy the best weather. Two Indian charpoy seats, made of wood and rope, serve as stools in this idyllic setting The dark swallows stay! The ceramic swallows on the wall are by Bordallo Pinheiro and the clay pots by Jesús Gómez for Meridiana. Around the sofa, with silk cushions by Rocío Moreno Textiles, embossed metal tables and iron armchairs, all designed by Meridiana. The Flax Empire This fabric, which dresses upholstery, refreshes the atmosphere and illuminates the room. [...]

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¡HOLA! Especial decoración

"In antiquity, the tapestries were used to protect the walls of houses from cold and dampness, at present, their use is merely decorative, but since the ethnic and oriental style went out of style they have regained their prominence, To be part of all kinds of decorations, from the most modern to the most classic, in fact, the most popular tapestries are of Asian or oriental origin: the Suzanis of Uzbekistan or the Pakistani or Indian pulkaries. time to provide a space of warmth and personality, they are also a perfect solution when you need to cover a large area of ​​wall, especially in public spaces, as it is an easy way to provide space and color. decorative tapestries, if they are thick weft, they are simply hanging from a bar, the finest gain body mounted on a rack or [...]

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AD – Talentos AD

Founder of the decoration shop Meridiana, first in Cádiz and later in Madrid, and passionate about India, Rocío Moreno has just designed and produced her latest collection of tapestries and brocaded silks in the Asian country. With the help of Sribhas Supkar, an expert in local textiles, Rocío discovered the perfect looms to make her designs come true. An exquisite reality. Located in the north of India, its craftsmen make wonderful fabrics from the fifteenth century under the almost mystical spell of silk. Formerly for the Mongol Empire, now for the Dalai Lama and the Napalí royal family. And also for Rocío, who enjoys seeing how her designs take on color and body with millenary techniques. "When I discovered the looms, I was fascinated by the quality and texture of their silks, until then they only produced fabrics with traditional [...]

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