When you access to our website, we can automatically(namely,not through a register)collect information witch is not personally recognizable (for instance, the kind of Internet and Operative System used, the domain name of origin’s website,number of visits,average time spent in our web , visited website’s) trought a cookie,with the object of automatically’s recognise you next time that you return.In any moment we collect personal information witch could identify a specific user.We can use this information to measure the use of our website and improve it content.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you access the internet.In this way you can enjoy of a better customized experience. Meridiana 64, S.L. uses cookies, among other things, to:

  • Cuantify the number of users to make the measuring and statistical analysis of the uses that users do with offered services.
  • Remember your preferences (pay,shopping and so on)and offer you a personalised service.
  • Analyze the browsing’s conduct (witch webs you visits,where you click in,and so on.).
  • That you share content(like products and campaings)in social medias.
  • To know if our buyers comes from internet ads.
  • To prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Maximize our web’s security.
  • To identify the session,accessesIdentificar la sesión, access to restricted parts,remember the elements of an order,realize the process of an order’s pursache,to realize the registration’s application or event participation,to save contents for video’s,sounds diffusion or share content in social medias.


The saved information in our web’s cookies is only and exclusively used by us,to exception of the Google Analytics, whitch is used and managed by Google and us with statistic statisticals purposes,and the payment’s operations analysis cookie cookie, whitch is exclusively generated when a pursache is completed and is analyzed by an external company with the reason of to offert enought guarantees about the payment complete’s operations.

When you use our web, the following third party cookies are downloaded to your computer:

  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS is the analytical tool who help to websites and applications owners to understand the way of the visitors interact with their propierties. You can use a group of cookies to collect information and inform about use statistics of a website without personally identify Google’s visitors. Some of saved data to their later analysis are: the number of times whitch the user has visited the website, dates of first and last user’s visit, length of visits, page from the user has accessed to a website, search engine that user has used to come to the website or selected link, place in the world that user access, and so on. Cookies settings are defaulted by the service that offers Google, reason by what we suggest you to consult the Google Analistics privacy page(understood that we are not responsible about the content or truth la veracity of third party’s web sites). Additional information about Google Analytics cookies and Information about the privacy.
  • COOKIES FOR ORDER ANALYSIS: This cookies let save information of the computer from the order is created on the website with the goal of verify that the operations have enougth guarantees for their clients. In any moment includes information like credit cards data.

If you wish to have more information about the cookies use of Meridiana 64, S.L. you can contact with us in our email


You can restrict, block or delete cookes from Meridiana 64, S.L. or another web page, using your web browser. In each browser the operational is different, the “Help” funcion shows you how to do it.

As well as, you can manage cookies warehoese in your browser by the following tools:


Meridiana 64, S.L. will make changes in your Cookies Policy from time to time. If this changes affects to your rights we will inform you with the changes by email (to the last email direction). In any case, the revised Cookies and Privacy will be always estará siempre accesible on the website.

Updated on 01 of Marzo of 2018